Adulthood is a minefield. And although I will forever remember the songs for the radius of a circle, my school days didn't teach me much about real life skills.

My personal blog, Turning Twenty, is about exploring the next decade of your life... I'll try not to die.

I'm Hannah, a 21-year-old children's producer and presenter from Kent, England,
I also regularly teach classes in voice and English. You can book a class with me by visiting my 'Book A Lesson' page.

Nothing brings me joy like bringing joy to other people. So, whether I do that through presenting, performing, acting or writing, I am incredibly proud to be able to call this my career.


Current Projects

From a self-published book of humorous haikus, to producing and presenting for my own YouTube channel – I've always got something up my sleeve. Check out what I'm working on at the moment by clicking that lil' button below!


Award-winning and KIC-nominated presenter, Hannah Ost, is at the forefront of Kent Television. From live music performances to interviews about gender discrimination, she lives by the motto:

'Every day has a story to tell.'


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