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5 Unusual Places To Visit In Bath

After recently visiting the beautiful Somerset county myself, there's more to Bath than just the (however incredible) Roman baths. Here are 5 places to go in Bath that are slightly more off the beaten track! Hey, when in Rome...

1. Jane Austen Centre

Bath was the setting of two of Austen's novels, Northanger Abbey and Emma and as a massive Austen nerd, I was particularly excited to see the tour guides dressed up as characters from these novels (as well as many others!) See, above, an excited me with "Isabella Thorpe". Even if you're not an Austen fan, there is an opportunity to learn about the Georgian era itself, as well as a particularly posh tearoom. It even has vegan options!

2. Boston Tea Party

Speaking of vegan options, one of the best vegan burgers I have ever tasted can be ravished at this amazing place. A quaint cafe, full of local artwork and unique decor is just the place to stop after a morning of sightseeing. I believe it's a West Country chain, but for South-Eastern girls like myself, this was a new experience and one I hope to repeat.

3. Bath Guildhall Market

With 19th Century architecture, this market is small but beautiful and is full of independent stands, selling goods from coffee beans to keychains. Personal recommendation, head to the Deli at the back for vegan pastries and cakes... yum!

4. Royal Victoria Park

Just a short walk from the market is the Royal Victoria Park, so take your market lunch and have a picnic, overlooking the river. Or, take a tour on the water on the riverboats. A truly serene, peaceful place to walk and relax.

5. Thermae Bath Spa

Okay, it's a popular one, but it's just too good to not make an appearance! Bathe like the Romans in a rooftop pool filled with water straight from the UK's only source of naturally hot water and while you're at it, marvel at the views of the city. Then, make your way down to what can only be described a sensory EXPERIENCE. On the second floor are two steam rooms, an infra-red sauna and an ice room to cool yourself down. There's also a 'celestial relaxation room' - literal magic, get in there - and two atmospheric shower rooms, as well as a lazy river/hot tub-style pool on the lower ground floor. I cannot recommend this place enough!

What are you most excited to visit in Bath? Let me know in the comments below, or get in touch on my social medias (linked at the top of the page!)

Hannah x

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