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The Allergy & Free From Show 2019 | Lactose-Intolerant, Vegan

Over the weekend, I attended 2019's Allergy & Free From Show, in Olympia, London. I met loads of great brands and tried and tested loads of products, taking home a few as well. This blog post is a full account of the whole day, as well as a spotlight on some of my favourite brands and products. For a full review of all the food I picked up, here's my vegan and gluten free haul video from the day:

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any brands mentioned in this post, nor in my video. All opinions are entirely my own.

Getting There

I'm a Kent gal, so getting to Olympia was pretty easy for me. Me and my bestie (who is a coeliac, and also a fab blogger - check out her website HERE✾) hopped on a train to London Victoria and then rode the tube to Olympia, London. The venue was right outside the station!


Upon arrival, my bag was checked and my pass (which had been emailed to me a few days before) was scanned. I also got given a lanyard to hold it. This came in useful later in the day when meeting brands, as they could scan my pass and obtain my details to send me more information. I also picked up a map, so I could find my way around.


This was my first time at the show and it was much bigger than I had anticipated! We headed to the Schär stall first to pick up our free goody bags, which were full of tasty snacks and freebies from fellow sponsors (some Fairy non-bio washing liquid and Knorr organic stock pots to name a couple!) Then, we made our way up and down the rows, browsing the brands and snacking on free samples, teehee...


✾ Vegan Chicken Nuggets - Fry's

I have never tasted better vegan nuggets in my life. In fact I'd be tempted to say these are tastier than their meat counterparts. I will be buying multiple boxes of these and scoffing all of them. Thank you Fry's.

✾ Soya Bolognese - Le Conserve Della Nonna

The best vegan bolognese I've ever tasted (if not the best bolognese ever). It's so creamy and the tomatoes taste sweet and fresh. I picked up a jar at the fair but I wish I'd bought more, this sauce is incredible.

✾ Vegan Battenburg Cake - Glitterbug Bakery

I mentioned this in my haul video, but it's so good I have to say it twice. This cake is amazing! I haven't been able to eat battenburg since I was diagnosed with severe lactose intolerance, aged 17. But this brings back all my happy childhood memories, as my family used to buy these cakes all the time when I was a little girl. My absolute favourite - Glitterbug truly does it justice!

✾ Nikken Products - Marian Timms

I met Marian at her stand and she was selling some really amazing products by Nikken. She performed a demonstration on me - I had to hold my phone to my heart and try to resist her as she pushed my arm. It was impossible! It was a frightening warning to me that I shouldn't be carrying my phone on my body and I definitely shouldn't be sleeping next to it. I really loved the water bottle she was selling, it has a water filter inside of it so you can always be drinking the best quality water, wherever you go! Super impressed by this stall - look out for future posts on their products.

Overall, it was an amazing day, with many opportunities to interact with brands and sample products. I will definitely be attending next year!

Do you have any allergies or intolerances? If so, will you be attending the show in 2020? Let me know in the comments below or via my social medias, linked at the top of the page. That's all from me today!


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