• Hannah Ost

Basic Banana Bread (6 Steps to Success)

Time for some harsh truths. You bought some vitamins, bananas and a yoga mat, in a half-ditch attempt to up your healthy lifestyle game. Here's what happened:

The vitamins are at the back of a cupboard somewhere, the yoga mat is unravelling in your wardrobe and the bananas are browning on your bedside table.

Don't stress. I've got a solution. Banana Bread. 7 ingredients. 6 steps. And for all you lactose-intolerants out there, like me, feel free to use vegan butter. Your gut will thank you.

Are you ready for it? Let's create.

And while your bread is baking, why not dig out that yoga mat and have a bit of a workout? If you're still struggling with that vitamin routine, at least bananas count for something!

What's your favourite type of cake? Let me know in the comments below and share this recipe to relish in your adultness. Baking, done.

Hannah x

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