• Hannah Ost

Detox Your Life: A self-care tutorial

Sick of losing most of your morning to the Internet? Me too. Try these 5 simple changes you can make right now, to declutter your mobile phone and detox your life!

Step One: Set background to something motivational

My phone background is a block colour with a black and white flower, which reminds me to think more about life's simple pleasures. Whether you change yours to a quote, an inspirational figure or even a picture of your cat, make sure it means something real to you.

Step Two: Turn on blue light filter

Your phone probably has one of these in its settings. But, if not, there are many apps that will apply the filter for you. I keep mine turned on permanently, so I'm not constantly flooding my eyes with that addictive blue light. Weird at first, but eventually you get used to it - I don't miss my eyes hurting when I'm staring at a screen.

Step Three: Turn off all push notifications

Push notifications work like advertisements. In an age where FOMO is running wild, we can't bare the idea that we might miss a message, or a tweet. Push notifications work to promote that fear and draw you into the app. Why would you want that clogging up your phone?

Step Four: Delete or disable apps

Without push notifications, you might find you're not using certain apps as much as you used to. After not using Facebook for 2 days straight, I decided to disable the app completely. I don't miss it.

Step Five: Allocate phone-free days

Now you've deep cleaned your phone, try going one day without using it at all. Mark it on a calendar, or to-do list, in hard copy, to hold yourself accountable. Put your phone away in a drawer and explore what the day holds without it!

Earth day is coming up this Tuesday. Will you be going offline? Let me know in the comments below, or share your ideas with me on social media!


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