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Good News: Charity Spotlight

News outlets are full of negativity. It seems like whenever you open up your phone, whenever you switch on the television, all you hear about are the bad things that are going on. Of course, it's important to be informed about the crises that exist around the globe, but there's a right way to do it. Let's shine a light on some of the amazing things people are doing to SOLVE these problems and spread some GOOD NEWS.

1. Yellowhammer Fund

At this point, we've all heard about the devastating attack on women's right that occurred when a Alabama's 35-seat senate (largely dominated by men) voted to completely ban abortion in almost all cases. Under the new law, doctors who perform abortions face 99 years in prison (that's life for those doing the maths) and 10 years for even attempting to perform the procedure. Meanwhile, a woman was charged with manslaughter for being shot in her womb by somebody else. The worst part? The shooter went free, by pulling the "she started it" argument. Nope, I wouldn't believe it either, so HERE's a link to an article that discusses it in excruciating detail... literally, it's a painful read.

LUCKILY, there is a charity called the Yellowhammer Fund, which is helping women in Alabama get access to abortions and giving them the SUPPORT they need to go through with it. If you want to help and support these women too, you can donate to Yellowhammer Fund and show your solidarity for a woman's right to her own body.

2. Liberty for North Korea

I love what this charity does. I'm so sorry that it has to exist, but the work it does is beautiful. Liberty for North Korea helps refugees to flee and provides them with things they may need once they are able to escape. Be it water, food, accommodation, even a face mask and make up - which North Koreans do not have access to inside the country. All the things we take for granted are so sought after by those within the regime and this incredible charity not only helps them to escape it, but provides them with things they can use to feel human. That, to me, is the definition of human rights. This incredible charity has just reached the landmark of 1,000 refugees aided in their escape - 1,000 lives freed. If you can spare some change, I would highly endorse your donation to Liberty for North Korea.

3. Support Kids & Families at the Border - Act Blue

Act Blue is essentially an agency for fundraising. In the "portal" they've set up, you can donate money which will be divided equally between a number of charities providing assistance to the migrants at the US border. Alternatively, you can research and donate to each/one charity individually! The fact that there are children sleeping on cement floors, with the lights on 24/7, without so much as a bar of soap is quite frankly, disgusting. BUT! There are charities doing amazing work to help and WE can help them out by donating. Thank you Act Blue for creating a space for us all to do this, super easily!

There are injustices in the world. But they will never be overcome by anger and fear. Not unless we use those emotions to fuel the fight.

Let me know what charities you support in the comments below, or at my social medias linked at the top of the page! That's all from me today.


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