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Good News: Top 5 Stories from 2019

With the media constantly pumping out negative news stories, for us to share and get mad about on social media, you'd be forgiven for thinking the world is quite royally screwed and we're all going to die. There must be some good news right? Well, reader, I'm pleased to inform you that there is quite a lot of it, actually. I've rounded up my top 5 favourite stories from 2019 and put them all here for you, so you can see for yourself - the world's not all bad!

River Thames Mends

When you think of the Thames, you probably think dirty, disgusting, wouldn't fancy a dip in there and up until 2019, the whole of the natural world would have agreed with you. But this year, over 100 seals were born in the famous London river - 60 years after it was declared 'biologically dead'. With our help, nature can and will rebuild itself.

We're Not Actually Lonely

Think social media is making us all distant and shut-off from others? Well, a 2019 study found that on the whole, we're no lonelier than in previous years, but that loneliness is actually age-dependent and changes over time. It's a part of personal growth and we are not in the so-called 'loneliness epidemic' that the media seems to think we are!

Bee Stops

In Utrecht, Netherlands, hundreds of bus stops were covered in greenery, in a bid to save the bees! It's a little safe haven for our friends in the sky, who can stop and pick up some pollen and snack on some yummy nectar. Hopefully, other countries will follow suit soon.

Child Welfare

Compared to 2000, there are 130 million more children in education across the globe and 94 million fewer child labourers. The number of child deaths around the world has more than halved since 1990 and 11 million girls have been saved from a forced child marriage. Finally, the subject of Mindfulness and Meditation is set to become part of the curriculum in England, with the current plan targeting 370 schools. We can only hope this number will increase!

A New Way to Travel

In Rome, you can now pay for your train ticket by recycling plastic bottles! Don't believe me, check out the video of how this works, plus more amazing stories like the ones above.

That's all from me today! What are some of your favourite good news stories from last year? Let me know in the comments below and or get in touch with me for my sources, or more information on any of the above topics!


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