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How To Dress Like An Adult (ft. Emma Willis)

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

I am not a style person. Anyone who knows me knows I spend most days in leggings and jumpers, maybe a bra if I'm feeling up to it. However, hitting adulthood has made me realise that, potentially, it's time to respectfully rid my life of the pink 'GRL PWR' tees from Tammy @ BHS and invest in some statement wardrobe items, that will glide me, gracefully, into my next decade of life.

I start with a style icon.

If I wrote down all the reasons I think Emma Willis is the greatest human on the planet, this post would be longer than my uni dissertation. However, if there's one thing almost all of us can agree on, it's that this gal's stylist is doing a damn good job. Let's break it down:

1. Those Suits

As an LGBTQ+ kid young adult, having female role models has always been important. So seeing a short-haired woman absolutely slaying a suit is not only high on the sex appeal, but also great fashion statement for people like me, who sometimes feel a bit cake-like in a dress. A simple 2-piece; wide-legged trousers and matching blazer, paired with a contrasting top, seems to be the main algorithm for flawless fashion here.

2. Next

Nice clothes I can actually afford and want to buy? Yes please. Willis' style edits are always the definition of balanced. She pairs comfort with glam, casual with business and all of it just screams, 'I'm an independent woman in the 21st Century'. Living for it. Here's a clip, showing some of the Autumn 2018 style edit:

3. Trainers & Tailored

Finding a look for your 20s is hard. You're conflicted looking at all of the clothes you currently own, which reek of the last decade of your life: Old band tees, blazers you had to wear to sixth form and self-"embellished" jeans, ridden with bleach stains, from when you decided attempted to ombre your own hair. Never again. However, you are aware that throwing everything out and immediately dressing yourself in posh adult clothing could make you look like a pretentious tw*t. Where's the midground? Well, take a closer look at that last clip; Willis expertly matches trainers with a tailored trouser to keep that fun, casual vibe, but also to say, "I'm a working woman of the times, I got dis." Perfect.

4. Colour Pop!

I used to be so liberal with colour. As a fourteen-year old, you'd often catch me wearing long, flowy skirts and neon vests. Then, as I got older I began to refine my taste, until I was basically just wearing black and mustard like a bumblebee. In a recent interview with Next, Willis tells us to "embrace colour", wear what you are "comfortable in" and if it happens to be something on the bold side, then own it, own it, OWN IT!

5. Patterns & Prints

In the most recent style edit with Next, there is a definite lean to texture and print. Like with colour, if you're going to wear it, you may as well go full-out - it's all about layering. Whether that be mixing patterns, or going head-to-toe leopard, Willis sure does "love a print". Striped shirts and subtle hints of texture here and there, this is one of my favourite things about her style. The navy animal print blazer (pictured above) is definitely on my wishlist. See how it's paired with a leopard-print belt too?


Who is your style icon? Let me know in the comments below and give this post a share, to relish in your adultness. Fashion, done.

Hannah x


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