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The Spoonie Sagas #4: What I Do On A Rest Day

As someone who gets very bored when I'm not doing anything, I find resting to be particularly hard. You see, a lot of people will look at resting and equate it to just chilling out, having an 'off-day', maybe going to the beach or doing something you really enjoy! But what would you do if you couldn't do anything? If resting meant literally doing nothing; sleeping (if you're lucky), but mainly just lying or sitting in bed, awake... doing nothing at all?

When I first got ill, I pushed past the symptoms I was experiencing. Until one day, my body couldn't take it anymore. I passed out, multiple times. I got blue-lighted to hospital and stayed laying down for 3 weeks. Laying down and doing nothing instantly became very dull and I wanted nothing more than to be on my feet again. Ten months later and I'm scheduling rest days on my calendar, planning my life around when I will next be able to rest. I've found that there are certain things I can do, which enable me to rest, but also to slightly entertain myself too!

Without further ado, here's what a typical rest day looks like, for me...

8am (roughly): Wake Up

Recently, I've been letting myself sleep for as long as my body needs. I try not to book meetings/schedule appointments in the morning because then I'll have to set an alarm, which can throw my sleep cycles out of whack. But, as with a lot of chronic illness sufferers (or spoonies, as we like to say!), I am not that great at sleeping. Some nights, I'll wake in the middle of the night, sometimes I'll wake at 6am and not be able to get back to sleep. 8am this morning... not bad!

Lie in bed for a couple of hours

I let myself rest a little longer usually, sometimes I'll watch YouTube videos, but really this is my part of the day where I literally do nothing at all. It's important to do that sometimes, so I can really rest and revive myself.

11am: Make an easy brunch to eat in bed

Cooking can be super hard, especially if I'm extra exhausted from the previous day's activities. So, I have a few staple recipes that I stick to, which are healthy, filling and don't take too long to prepare... so I can drag it back to bed with me! Today it was avocado toast. I like to make mine with a little lemon and salt... mmmm...

Watch Netflix

Whilst I'm eating, I like to prop myself up with pillows and binge some light-hearted shows. At the moment, I'm watching the whole of 'Friends' and every Friday, I get a new episode of 'The Good Place' too (which is potentially my favourite show ever! Do you watch it? Do you LOVE IT?!)

2pm: Eating again

Whilst in bed, I was googling substitutes for soy sauce (I can't have soya at the moment, due to a swollen thyroid) and I found a few things I wanted to try. Blackstrap molasses and vinegar... I didn't have any vinegar, so I went for lemon juice, but I had some molasses (long story, it's high in iron, so I bought it when I was iron deficient!) I used this, along with some vegetable stock, spices and rice noodles, to make myself a noodle soup for lunch! Tasty!

4pm: Pampering

If I feel up to it, I'll stick on some chill music (although today it was Taylor Swift's new album... guilty! I'm a real 'Lover' of that one, teehee...) and I'll pamper myself a bit. I've recently got the LUSH 'Cupcake' face mask, which has spearmint in it, to wake me up a bit, but also smells like chocolate! I might take a shower or a bath, or if I can't leave my bed much, I'll paint my nails instead. Something that makes me feel pretty!

5pm: Write

The Spoonie Sagas have been keeping me sane over the past few weeks. It finally feels like I am writing honestly. I'm not following trends or trying to get views, I'm just writing for me, for productivity and that sense of achievement. Click here to read all the Sagas!

That's about it really, I'll probably have a light dinner after that and then try to fall asleep early. If not, I'd have a nap, then a late dinner, or a snack. I usually play it by ear a lot on rest days - listening to what my body wants and is capable of and acting accordingly. That's the most important thing!

I hope this saga has given you some ideas for your next rest day. Let me know what you usually do to keep yourself entertained, by using the comments section below, or by contacting me (top of the page!)


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