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The Spoonie Sagas #6: Lifesavers

When a flare-up strikes, there are certain things that swoop in to save the day. I've picked up a few tips throughout my 14-month chronic illness journey that I'm going to share with you today. AND, Black Friday is approaching, so you can find a lot of what I mention at an insane discount (yessss!!)

Let's jump right on in with my absolute lifesavers...

Fast Food

Quick, easy and healthy - for your convenience

Mr Lee's Noodles

When I'm feeling really rough, the last thing I can think about is cooking. But, I need nutritious food to recover! I found these noodles at the Free From & Allergy Show in May, because they are gluten-free and my particular favourite flavour are vegan too! They are simple, nutritious and easy to make in 2 minutes and I have relied on them for quick, healthy meals all year long. At the moment, Mr Lee's has a 30% Black Friday Sale on - 6 pots for just £10 - so get your noodles quickly!

Amy's Kitchen Soups

For the same reasons, I love Amy's Kitchen soups. They take less than 5 minutes to warm up, they're organic and gluten-free and there are vegan options too. I love the lentil vegetable soup personally, but they also do a vegetarian tomato soup which I would lap up if my gut would allow it! Click on the link above to find out where you can buy these delicious soups.

Health & Beauty

The things I use to feel well

MONQ Essential Oil Diffusers

I am constantly going on about these things, because I genuinely love this brand. MONQ's personal diffusers are made up of essential oils and coconut-derived vegetable glycerin - with no nicotine, THC, tobacco, vitamin E acetate or other harmful additives in sight! There are loads of blends to choose from, my favourite is 'Focus', which contains spearmint for clarity and helps relieve my migraines.

They currently have a 40% off Black Friday deal! Even better, using my link above gets you an EXTRA 10% OFF on top of the 40%... THAT'S 50% GUYS. There's no better time to start aromatherapy than right now.

Kool n' Soothe

These were an impulse buy after seeing a TV advert for them. I never usually fall into the marketing trap, but I knew I just had to have these. They are sold as cooling strips that help calm migraines and come in packets of 4. Verdict: absolutely amazing. I'm wearing one as I type because it immediately eases the pain I feel from staring at a screen. Amazon has these at just 70 pence per sheet and you can buy different quantities as desired. Check em' out!


A handful of top pics I couldn't do without

A weighted eye mask, mine is filled with lavender

Vitamin tea, I've got the 'Tetley Immune Tropical Super Green Tea'

✾ 1L water bottle, which I infuse the night before with strawberries, cucumber and a little apple cider vinegar to detox!

✾ Cleansing wipes, to freshen up when showering is too hard

That's all from me today! Let me know in the comments, or on my social medias (at the top of the page): What do you do to feel better? What (or who!) are your lifesavers?


Disclaimer: This post does feature a couple of affiliate links, which come at no extra charge to you (in fact they gain you a cheeky discount!) If you purchase a product through my link, I earn a small amount of money from the sale - like a thank you from the company, for bringing in your custom! Ain't that nice?

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