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The Spoonie Sagas #7: Gift Ideas for Your Chronically Ill Friend

Christmas is coming and I, for one, am HELLA EXCITED. My best friend's birthday is November 30th, so I'm mainly in party planning mode until December 1st. But boy, when the first day of advent hits, the tinsel is coming out and the festive tunes are ON.

One of my favourite parts of Christmas is gift-giving. I love thinking of little things my friends and family might like, as a way of showing how much I know about them! But, I did notice a theme in my own Xmas list this year. This is my first Christmas where I've fully embraced(?) chronic illness life. I guess, last year, I was in denial about it, I wanted to carry on as normal, so it didn't really influence my gift ideas. Whereas this year, 100% of my list was goodies to take care of myself!

So, for all you Spoonies who need some last-minute list inspo, you can finally tell your mum what you'd like (because let's be real whose mum doesn't begin nagging in October!) Or, if you have a friend with a chronic illness and want to get them something to really make a difference in their world, this is the list for you. I present...

Weighted blanket

A common symptom among spoonies is insomnia, so a weighted blanket would be a perfect gift! Specifically designed to combat sleep issues, ease anxiety and increase oxytocin production in the brain, these blankets feel like a warm hug! The ideal weighted blanket is roughly 10% of the user's body weight, so do a little research in order to find the perfect one.


I use a lot of aromatherapy devices in my day-to-day life and I can vouch for its effectiveness in my life. I use this steamer and just let it run for ten minutes in the morning, with some bergamot oil to fight fatigue. Before bed, I use Sleepy by MONQ, which is a personal essential oil diffuser containing lavender, chamomile and kava to help relax the body and mind. You can get 10% off your MONQ purchase by following this handy-dandy link righty here!*


I personally spend a lot of time in my bed, resting and I know a lot of spoonies do the same. So, a good quality pair of jammies is a must. Spend a little time browsing and pick out the best pair for you/your spoonie friend! You could even add some cosy slippers or slipper socks, a real treat for the feet!

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is so important, for everyone really! But for chronic illness sufferers, it can be hard to remember to drink - brain fog gets in the way, or sometimes it's too much effort to go to the kitchen and get a glass. A big water bottle, with a pretty pattern or time markers can make a big difference! iI have this one-litre motivational bottle from Amazon that helps me track how much I've drunk, AND I only need to remember to refill it once per day - ideal.

Epsom Salts

Epsom salts are proven to ease migraines, soothe muscle aches and even relieve symptoms of IBS - so there's really something for every chronic illness! With its high magnesium content, it's perfect to add to a warm bath or scrub directly onto the skin. On my Christmas list? This amazing rosemary, sage and mint scrub from LUSH, with a load of epsom salts thrown in!

Lap Tray

This is on my Xmas list this year because I usually eat in bed and that can get messy! You can get them really cheap on Amazon, or the Range (UK) do some great ones too.


Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Prime, if you can pay for a few months of any of these, your spoonie friend will thank you. I recently learned, from a comment on my A-Z of symptoms post, that membership to the Headspace meditation app comes free with a Student Spotify Premium membership! So, if your spoonie is a student, you get two gifts in one, for just a fiver a month!

Those are some of my best ideas for a Chronic Christmas List! What ideas do you have for your list? Let me know in the comments below, or by using any of my social medias, linked at the top of the page! That's all for now!


*Disclosure: This is an affiliate link, which means you get 10% off and I make a small amount of money from your purchase (at no extra cost to you!) I've supported MONQ for a long time, I love what the company stands for and the fact that there are no nasties in their diffusers. I would never endorse a brand I didn't believe in, and these guys are awesome

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