• Hannah Ost

The Spoonie Sagas #8: Easy, Healthy Rest-Day Recipes

Rest days are super important when you have a chronic illness. But what do you eat when you're feeling under-the-weather? Here are my top 3 sick-day recipes. They can all be modified to suit your specific dietary needs, but the first one is free from most allergens! My favourite is number 3...

Noodle soup - GF, DF, Soy Free, Vegan

Garlic and vitamin C are proven to be good for when you're feeling a bit under-the-weather. This easy, vegan noodle soup takes just 15 minutes to prepare and has both! It doesn't say in the graphic (because it's my rest day and I'm feeling forgetful) but you need to roughly cut the onions and dice the garlic... Enjoy!

Pizza Toast

Literally no recipe is quicker or better for a sick day. Want pizza but got no dough (literally and figuratively)? Check this one out...

Mulled Apple Juice

And what do you want more than anything on a sick day? A nice warming drink, especially during these cold January months! For a lot of chronically ill people (or Spoonies, hi welcome if you're new), alcohol is a major trigger. I had to skip on the mulled wine this Christmas and this is what I drank instead...

That's all from me today! Let me know your sick day recipes in the comments below and if you try out any of mine, please tag me in your pictures on Instagram @spooniesagas!


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