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The Spoonie Sagas #2 : Treating Each Symptom - The A-Z List

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Because symptoms can often appear random and unconnected, managing the condition as a whole can seem overwhelming. I carry around a medicine pack, in an old first aid kit, which is full to the brim with many different kinds of medication, for any symptom which rears its ugly head. It can be difficult to work out what works for you, it's mainly trial and error, but here are some things I have found useful, for each of my symptoms. This is an ongoing list - so please comment some of your own reliefs for your symptoms and I'll add them!

*s are Reader Suggestions! Where you see a *, that symptom and relief have been suggested by another Spoonie! Yay Spoonie Squad!

Brain Fog

  • MONQ Focus Blend - All the essential oils in this help to clear my head!


  • Sitting/Lying down

  • Focusing on one thing - e.g. watching a TV show/staring at a point on a wall


  • Protein-rich foods

  • Orange juice

  • Bergamot essential oil

  • Resting in bed

High Heart Rate

  • Relaxation techniques/mindfulness - My go-to technique is distraction and tuning into what's going on around me. I name 5 things I can see, 4 I can feel, 3 I can hear, 2 I can smell and 1 I can taste.


  • Weighted eye mask - it puts pressure on the front of your head, which helps relieve my pain. (Mine is filled with lavender for relaxation!)

  • Paracetamol IV - I don't have access to it now, but I know some people have access to personal IV drips. While I was in the hospital, pumping paracetamol directly into my bloodstream was the only thing that seemed to relieve the pain!

Muscle Aches/Cramping

  • A hot bath

  • Nikken Acupuncture Insoles - I get a lot of pain in my lower legs and more recently, cramping in my knees. These insoles gently put pressure on the feet, which helps me to feel more supported!

  • Good quality trainers - for the same reasons as above!


  • Gaviscon Double Action Mint Chewable Tablets - £5 for 24 @ Tesco

  • Crystallised ginger

  • Peppermint tea

Sensitivity to Sound

  • Wearing noise-cancelling headphones (I bought a pair of ear-defenders, from Amazon!)

Stomach Pain*

  • A change in diet - try eliminating a food group, e.g. keto diet, gluten-free, dairy-free have all been useful to some readers!


I am yet to find relief for my other symptoms, listed in the first instalment of the Sagas. If anybody has any ideas in regards to my breathlessness, nosebleeds, insomnia and low blood pressure, please let me know in the comments below, or by contacting me on my social medias linked at the top of the page!

This is an ongoing list, so I will be updating it with other symptoms and their various relief methods. Again, if you have any suggestions, or want your symptom(s) to be advertised here, so others can help, let me know and I'll include it!

Hannah x

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