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Wishlist Ideas

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

As per the title of this blog, allow me to inform you that I am celebrating the big 2-0 in under a month. I've been trying to want less and buy less for the past year, so making a wishlist feels a little counter-intuitive. However, birthdays come but once a year... so I figure I'm allowed one exception!

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🎈My Birthday Wishlist 2019:


This year, I am all about that self-care, which is why I'm after a couple of books I believe will add positivity to my life.

Happy: Finding joy in every day and letting go of perfect - Fearne Cotton

Letting go of perfectionism is a major goal for my 20s. I've loved the podcast version of this, so I'm hoping Fearne's book will be just as inspirational.

Antoni in the Kitchen - Antoni Porowski (Awaiting Publication)

Anyone who knows me knows I am a tiny bit obsessed with 'Queer Eye'. I love the transformations, the interior design and the FOOD. But, short of having my own Antoni in my kitchen, this is my way of attempting to adult.


Speaking of transformations, I wrote a blog post a while ago about building an adult wardrobe. Going forward, I really want to obtain some sustainable clothing items; I already do most of my shopping in charity shops, but I'd also like to invest in some pieces that will last me a while.

✾ 'Long kimono robe'

As much as I adore my big, fluffy dressing gown, it gets a little hot in the summer months. I'm looking for something high quality, that I can wrap around my shoulders one summer evening, and glide through my house like the sexy twenty-something I am.

✾ 'Denim boiler suit'

I've seen these around a lot recently and I am a fan. This would be an all-year-round piece in my wardrobe; an outfit for a chilly summer evening, or paired with a black rollneck, for a winter day out.

✾ 'Trench coat'

Like the dressing gown conundrum, I get very hot in the coats I currently own. A trench coat is something I can wear on a Spring/Summer night out, or during a slightly warmer Autumn day; another all-year-round piece!


Hey, look mum, I'm an adult.

'Nutribullet' (or some variation)

This mini-blender has been on my wishlist for an age and there are a lot of recipes I'm dying to try. Bring on the smoothie bowls!

'Digital alarm clock'

Recently, I've been trying to reduce the time I spend on my phone. I find it particularly hard in the mornings; when I turn off my phone alarm, I stay on my phone. Hopefully, buying a plain ol' clock will help me! I love this^ particular one for its mirror surface and USB ports.

'Light and darks laundry bag'

I'm pretty useless at doing my laundry and a lot of that stems from having to sort through it all. Separating my dirty clothes initially will (hopefully) inspire me to do a bit more washing!

Toiletries, Makeup & Healthcare

Again, with this category, I'm trying to think sustainable, so these two products are investments, that I believe will benefit me in the long-term.

Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray - Emma Willis' stylist swears by this for her voluminous short hair and as the first post on this blog will tell you, I adore Emma Willis. Having just gone for the chop myself, I trust the gurus that are A-list celebrity stylists, so this is going on my wishlist! (P.S: Selfridges is the cheapest place to get this stuff, linked above!)

✾ 'Essential oil diffuser'

I've recently got into using oils in my bath, so I figure why not go one step further. I've seen a couple of models that are also humidifiers and/or air purifiers - an added bonus!

There you go! A little guide to wishlist ideas for turning-twenties and twenty-somethings. What's on your wishlist at the moment? Leave me a comment down below and get shopping!


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